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Other Services

Expert Services For Your Indoor Air Quality Needs

Chuck Brogdon, the owner/operator of CFL Environmental Solutions Inc., has more than 20 years of experience in environmental consulting in Central Florida covering a wide range of environmental investigations. In addition to mold inspections, indoor air quality testing and asbestos surveys and testing, Chuck offers the following services:


Methamphetamine Assessments & Testing

Meth Lab in KitchenAre you concerned that your home, rental property, or workplace may have been contaminated by a meth lab or used by a chronic meth smoker?

Buying or renting a home, apartment or workplace that was once used to make or smoke meth can be a serious health risk due to potential toxic volatile organic compounds and meth residue left behind.

CFL Environmental Solutions can conduct a visual assessment of the structure to document the current conditions of the site, collect meth wipe samples and record VOCs (volatile organic compounds) readings and pH readings. The report will include general observations, lab test results, photographs, a floor plan, and conclusions. If warranted, CFL will provide recommendations (instructions) for remediation (cleanup). CFL’s meth assessment is based on the EPA Voluntary Guidelines for Methamphetamine Laboratory Cleanup.

If meth cleanup recommendations are provided, CFL strongly recommends having a Post Meth Remediation Verification Assessment performed prior to any build-back or painting of surfaces inside the residence to ensure the remediation was successful.

What every potential home buyer and prospective tenant should know: Currently Florida has no regulations regarding the cleanup of former meth labs, nor is the disclosure of a former meth lab required for home sales or rentals.



Sewage Backup Bacteria Testing

Sewage Backup Bacteria Sample from Bedroom FloorHave you had a sewage backup due to a drain blockage, flood, failed septic system, or failed municipality lift station pump?

A sewage backup can pose health problems and should be addressed immediately. Once the clean-up is completed, CFL Environmental Solutions can test the affected area for the presence of living total coliform, E. coli and enterococci bacteria to determine if the clean-up was successful. 







Allergen Sampling

Air quality testing - allergensIf you or others in your residence or workplace are experiencing irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, or lungs, it may be due to allergens associated with dust mites, dogs, cats, mice, rats, bats, or cockroaches. CFL Environmental Solutions Inc. can perform allergen sampling to determine whether your indoor air quality has been impacted by these types of allergens, and if so, provide recommendations for rectifying the problem.




Chinese Drywall Inspections and Testing

Chinese DrywallChina-manufactured drywall installed between 2001 and 2009 may be responsible for health problems and metal corrosion in homes and workplaces (causing the frequent failure of air conditioning units and other appliances). In accordance with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s published guidelines, CFL Environmental Solutions Inc. can perform a visual assessment and, if warranted, collect samples of suspect drywall for testing by an accredited laboratory to determine whether your home or workplace may contain Chinese drywall.